Letter To the Residents of Roma Regional Shire

Dear Roma Resident,

My name is Robert Loughnan and I am writing to you to ask for your support in the local government election in March. I am standing for the position of mayor of the new Roma Regional Council which encompasses the town of Roma as well as the current Bungil, Warroo, Bendedmere amd Booringa Shire councils.

More than any council election in the past, it will be vital to select candidates who are up to the job for the next four years and have a contribution to make in terms of substance and policy. As the current mayor of the Bungil Shire Council I am certain I have the knowledge of our overall situation and the ability to lead a positive and progressive council. If I could see someone with better credentials and better able to achieve that I would not be a candidate.

The two biggest issues your councillors will need to face up to in this term will be the question of representation and the neglected condition of our infrastructure, mainly in Roma. We simply need to make sure that public assets are ready to adapt to the stress of what I believe will be a rapid population increase in the next decade.

On the question of representation, I have outlined some strategies that I think will give our collective community a greater degree of ownership of this council than they might have had.

If you can see your way clear to vote for me it would be appreciated. I cannot achieve my vision for the council however unless I have at least four other people with similar goals elected as councillors. I intend to publish on my web page the names of all candidates who contact me to advise they will support my vision should I become mayor in March. Certainly a number of councillors outside Roma have already done so. I must ask you to give your vote the consideration it deserves.


Robert Loughnan