2. Business as Usual

The recent upheaval of local government boundaries by the State Government has left many communities unsettled and potentially reactionary. We are seeing higher than normal movement of staff from our local councils due to the disruption and we have to stem the flow.

In the period of adjustment following the elections I will strongly encourage management and Council to take a ‘business as usual’ approach to council and use our first two years to refine the processes and planning processes and to get the systems working not just well but better than they were.

Once the council has been elected my focus will be to bed down new systems, iron out the inevitable problems and make sure we get the critical decisions and directions right. For the sake of our 300 staff we must provide a secure environment and make sure we get the senior staff appointments right. This Council must have the right people and policies in place before we can start to go forward.

I am proposing two years of no change to our current operations and certainly no more major capital works until we assess the condition of our assets and implement solutions that will actually improve our net situation rather than degrade it.

The boys take Rob to check out their bumper oats crop.