3. A Strategic Approach to Population Growth

A February 2006 report by the Department of State Development projects the combined population of Roma, Bungil and Taroom Shires trebling by the year 2030. While that sort of growth might sound extraordinary and probably is overblown, some rapid growth is inevitable and we need to be ready for it.

I intend to drive a reform of the council planning processes across the entire area to cater for the anticipated growth in development applications and new business opportunities. The key driver of this growth is the coal methane gas industry. We need a council that understands the dynamics of the industry and has the skills to interact with both industry and government leaders to lead this change. We need to be a business friendly council.

Inappropriate developments such as the recent second saleyards which threatened to impede the orderly growth of Roma must be fought vigorously while effort must be made to spread the growth and benefits across the whole council area.

Prince Phillip's visit to Roma.

(left to right) Di Loughnan, Robert Loughan, Prince Phillip.